List of big organizations that have been victim of Ransomware

The Ransomware epidemic is propagating so rapidly, having disastrous effects on companies around the globe. The malware has grown so complex over the years, attacking organizations in nearly every domain. Furthermore, its advancement has made Ransomware removal even more formidable to deal with.

Such huge are the statistics that according to FBI, malware damages accounted for around USD 8 million in just a single year 2018!

Numerous organizations have become a nasty target of the malicious plague.

The WannaCrypt virus considered the biggest cyber-attack of history in 2016, affected almost 200,000 victims in 150 countries. The list of global companies affected by the plague is massive, but let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fed Ex: An American multinational delivery service company became victim to the attack. It experienced interference in its Windows-based systems infected by the malware, disrupting its operations.

Renault: a French multinational automobile manufacturer was hit by the virus. Consequently, the company had to cease operations at its production sites to prevent the spread of the malware.

Deutsche Bahn: Europe’s largest train operator was considerably affected by the attack. The German train operator’s systems were disrupted, disabling ticket machines, while the digital schedule boards displayed messages of ransom notes for the Ransomware removal rather than train departure and arrival timings.

A.P. Moller-Maersk: an integrated container logistics company is a global leader in container shipping. The company claimed that the cyber-attack caused massive interruptions in its computer systems across countries. It also reported that 17 of its shipping container terminals came under the influence of the malware.

WPP: one of the world’s largest advertising companies that have its headquarters in London. The IT systems of many of its agencies, as well as the main website, were struck by the attack, such that the company had to give orders to immediately turn off and disconnect all systems. According to reports, the attack cost $15 million to the company.

Mondelez International: An American multinational company that manufactures confectionery, food, and beverage products also became a victim of a cyberattack. It experienced disruptions in its systems as well as glitches in its sales, distribution, and financial networks.

Rosneft: one of Russia’s biggest oil-producing companies were attacked by a cyber-attack. However, production was not hindered greatly as the company was able to switch to an alternate system in due time.

National Health Service: In the UK, a cyber-attack halted the operations of hundreds of clinics and hospitals, giving rise to countless administrative and operational issues with a risk of losing all the patients’ data. People had to wait for hours for their appointments, in fact, such was the situation that many were forced to return back home, and numerous surgeries and operations were also delayed.

Hitachi: a Japanese electronics manufacturing company also became a target of a cyber-attack, where its computer systems were disrupted, considerably affecting the email service due to the inability to send and receive emails.

These are just the names of a few companies. Countless other large and small organizations around the globe have also been victims of cyberattacks, all of which faced great financial losses in the Ransomware removal in their systems.

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